Cordex Magazine Binder

The Cordex Magazine Binder, a product unique to Modern Bookbinders, holds magazines together for safe and convenient storage and easy reference using a spring loaded cord method which has been in use since it was developed by the Company in the 1930's. It is still one of our most popular choice of binder today.

The binders are available in a dark blue water resistent covering only in 3 different sizes with either 13 or 26 cords. A4 size has a 57 mm capacity American size has a 73 mm capacity A5 size has a 47 mm capacity. When determining which size of binder you require, measure the actual cover size of the magazine you wish to bind. The 3 sizes hold magazines up to the listed maximum dimensions. Please select the number of cords and the magazine page size you need from the drop-down lists below.

Don't forget to order gold foil blocked labels as required. Find them in 'Extras for binders' section for 72p each.


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